> काव्य-धारा (Poetry Stream): जीवन, प्यार और आत्मा-झलक : Teardrops of moon

शनिवार, 19 नवंबर 2011

Teardrops of moon

Silently weeps the moon
Over the shoulders of the hills
And the drops of tears
Spread in the air
Embracing everything they touch,
The fog makes visibility poor
And the heart sinks
Thinking of the coldness,
Of the long winter nights,
And the coldness of governments
Towards the tsunami of poor -
Hungry human children,
The jobless marooned youth, and
The senior elderly people, who
Roam in the night
And sleep without bed on street,
Bearing the burnt of poverty,
And carelessness of the civic society.

The winter has set-in -
In the moral values,
In the thinking of the well-to-do,
In the heart of society, but
When the sun will shine again tommorow,
The teardrop of the moon
Will glisten in the light
On the garden and wayside grass,
Telling the humanity to remember
The cold freezing night.

(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey

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