> काव्य-धारा (Poetry Stream): जीवन, प्यार और आत्मा-झलक : February 2015

गुरुवार, 26 फ़रवरी 2015

Daughter is an  angel

When life give too much pressure
And the mind doesn't perform
A daughter comes forward to sooth
And keep away the mental storm

When the going gets tough
And there is no one to advice
A daughter becomes the rescuer
Helping in decision that are wise

When all other relations leave
And one feels very sorry
A daughter comes by the side
And tells parents not to worry

Girls are killed in the womb
Or put to death on first wail
Not realising the true value
That a daughter is an angel.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

शनिवार, 14 फ़रवरी 2015

Love day

I write about today
I write about yesterday too
Like constantly flowing river
I write the gurgling too

I write your and mine story
The write new and old too
There has been enough talk
I write what touches heart

One who has been hurt
Knows where is the pain
And when there is no talk
Thinks that all love is gone

What is there in Hemant's heart
How can he tell now
He is not the Lord Hanuman
That he tear his chest and show

The day of love is daily
If only the lovers know
The hurt and pain will go
Love talk can be anytime you know

When one knows the constrains
All complains would get vanished
How deep is the love ocean, and
Depth of heart can be fathomed

Love is not bounded by days
Words too can never express
Hemant is going to be silent
Never think that he is not in love.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

Some times our heart dwellers feel neglected and hurt. This is to heal. <3

God speaking

God speaking

When you feel neglected
Just hold my hand
In thick and thin
With you I stand

You may never know
But this is true
I walk with you
Wherever you go

I laugh with you
When you are happy
And my tears fall
Whenever you cry

With your human eyes
I can not be seen
Feel me around you
With my divine vision

In the flowers I smile
Through the rain I cry
In your heart I bloom
It is I whom you pray

I am earth where you stand
I am the air that you breath
I am the water and your blood
Know that I am the warmth

The sky blue that you see
And the Sun up above
The moon and the stars
I am this universe

I am inside you
And you are inside me
I am the God speaking
Think not, just believe me.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

रविवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2015

Just call

The sky is watching
Air is listening
Water is cleaning
Fire is giving warmth
And earth is holding in arms

Have no doubt in mind
Have no sadness in heart
The Lord of universe
Believe me or not
Is with you from the start

No problems that can't be solved
No questions that can't be answered
Nothings is beyond His reach
He takes care without preach
He is Omnipresent

Glorious are His ways
Unfathomable is His might
Brighter than Sun's is His light
He loves one and all
Just give Him a call

Pray all day and night
He listens with thosands of ears
Walks with millions of feets
He is faster than light
Love Him and shine bright!

He is protector from all fears
And when you strike the chords true
He immediately comes to rescue
Beyond all barriers of space and time
Because He is so much yours as mine.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

Love is what pulls

Life is a daily struggle
For bread we do work
Wake up early mornings
And toil till the dark

Sometimes sadness looms large
When fate does mischief
Moments of celebrations come
With success that we achieve

Relax says the cool wind
That comes touching the river
And the morning sun promises
Warmth in days when we shiver

Family and caring friends
Keep track and constant vigil
Love is what pulls us through
And hard days go with smile.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

शनिवार, 7 फ़रवरी 2015

एक कमल खिलायेंगे

आज हम इंसाफ करेंगे
झूठे मक्कारों को सजा देंगे
भगोडों को भगा देंगे
हाथ की जरूरत नहीं
शब्दों से वार करेंगे
झाडू तो लग चुकी
उसे किनारे रख देंगे
खिडकियों को खोल देंगे
सूरज के घर से चली
किरण का स्वागत करेंगे
अपनी बगिया को सजायेंगे
एक कमल खिलायेंगे
जनजीवन महकायेंगे।
(स) हेमंत कुमार दुबे

गुरुवार, 5 फ़रवरी 2015

Precious words

We don't need to say
Its all understood
Its all known
Matter of fact
But still you know
It gives pleasure
Satisfies desires
When you blow a kiss
And say three words
Precious ones
I love you!
(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey

Only love for you!

You know how much I love you -
More than you love yourself
Irrespective of what you say or do
All the pains and sufferings
Inflicted directly or indirectly
I bear with a smile
And though sometimes I frown
Not a hair of doubt I have
About how deeply I love you
Because instead of duality
There is only unity
True in saying, feeling and deed
Only love for you indeed.

- Hemant Kumar Dubey (c)

मंगलवार, 3 फ़रवरी 2015

Our God

Unified with bonds no one can see
Its all about fellings
You and I
No separate existence
Love is only our God
And in love we are One.

(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey