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बुधवार, 19 अक्तूबर 2011

God's Voices

Sitting on the branch of mango tree,
Amongst the green leaves,
You pour out your necter
Of universal love in a voice
That is melodious and sweet,
One that fills the heart
With love and peace.

God I hear you everywhere -
In cry of child, the calling of calfs,
The laughter of newly wed,
The chirp of the birds,
In the rustling of the tree leaves,
While also in the flow of wild streams,
In the thunder of the clouds,
The rumbling of the train,
And where not, you tell me.

In the murmering prayers,
The temple bells' ringing,
The music of orchestra,
The song of the singers,
The doorbell and the chime,
The humming of the bee,
Your sound is everywhere.

My heart pounds, and
The sound fill the ears, the mind,
And makes me realise
Your presence inside-outside me.

(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey

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