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शनिवार, 20 मार्च 2010

Song of the Soul

These are my eyes,
These are my ears,
These are my hands,
And these are my legs.

My skin feels the softness,
The tenderness of the rose,
The nose smells -
The sweet-sweet fragnance.

My teeth bites into
The ripe red apple,
And the tongue tastes -
The sweetness.

My mind keeps thinking,
Always working and analysing -
What is good, better or best,
What is bad, worse or worst,
What should be done,
And what should not be done.

A question keeps errupting,
Somewhere deep inside
Clear and loud
Without any doubt,
And the answer must
Be quickly found.

Since time immemorial
This had hounded -
I'm not the teeth,
I'm not the tongue,
Neither am I mind,
Nor the decision.

I'm not the eyes,
I'm not the ears,
Neither am I hands,
Nor the long legs.

Then who am I?
Who I am?
I ask again and again.

A silence creeps inside,
Some where deep, very deep,
Filling my veins,
Going through the brain,
Feeling like a feather,
Going up high and high,
As if, towards the Sun,
Towards the sky and then beyond.

Rays of light,
Brighter than thousands of Sun,
And silence, deeper than the ocean,
Vacuum, and then
Voices, words, sound --
Yes, the sound --

The sound of a chime,
Of the temple bell,
The sound of flowing river
Reverbrating all around
The Anhad-nad!

I am the only One,
The One and Only One,
Menifesting in earthly bodies,
In living or dead things -
In everying thing -
Materialistic or spiritual.

I'm You and You are Me,
Creator, Nurturer, Destroyer.
I am the Brahma,
The Atma, the Soul,
Some say - the Spirit.

I energize the world,
And everything that is there,
Seen, felt, heard by mortal beings.

And yet I'm different
From what eyes see,
Skin feels, tongue tastes
And teeth bites.

I'm everything & everywhere -

Eyes open, breath resumes,
The dance begins,
The song begins,
The Song of the Soul,
Reverbrating all around!
Aum! Aum!! Aum!!!

(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey

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