> काव्य-धारा (Poetry Stream): जीवन, प्यार और आत्मा-झलक : Set me free before I come to you!

सोमवार, 23 अक्तूबर 2017

Set me free before I come to you!

My spirit is caged in the four walls

The place that is called home

By the guardians and their subjects

With duties and responsibilities

Like linked chains my feet are bound

My eyes gaze towards the sky

Ears hear the chirp of birds

Oh! They are free and I am not

And my mind wanders afar

To unseen lands beyond unseen seas

On the top of the mountains

Looking into the valleys never seen

Daily I pray with folded hands

O Lord! The creator of this beautiful world

Let me see your art

To the content of my heart

Let me see the rising sun

On the Himalayas, Alps and Andes

And let me sail the mighty oceans

Indian, Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic

O Lord! Let all my dreams come true

With camera dangling from my neck

And a back-pack full of goods

A note book and colour box too

Let me roam your world

Before I come back to you!

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey
23.10.2017, New Delhi

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