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रविवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2015

Just call

The sky is watching
Air is listening
Water is cleaning
Fire is giving warmth
And earth is holding in arms

Have no doubt in mind
Have no sadness in heart
The Lord of universe
Believe me or not
Is with you from the start

No problems that can't be solved
No questions that can't be answered
Nothings is beyond His reach
He takes care without preach
He is Omnipresent

Glorious are His ways
Unfathomable is His might
Brighter than Sun's is His light
He loves one and all
Just give Him a call

Pray all day and night
He listens with thosands of ears
Walks with millions of feets
He is faster than light
Love Him and shine bright!

He is protector from all fears
And when you strike the chords true
He immediately comes to rescue
Beyond all barriers of space and time
Because He is so much yours as mine.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

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